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BITHOUSE STUDIO is a team of digital designers and developers, working together to create beautiful, memorable brands on the web. Our Studio provides a variety of online solutions which include Web, E-commerce, SEO, and Online Marketing.

Brand Design

Brand Design

Running your business requires hard work. It would be a waste not to brand it the right way. The brand tells the story, its what clients remember.

Web Design

Web Design

Building sites is what we do. We take the necessary steps to make sure you have the edge on your competition. Focusing on Mobile Design first.



Looking to sell online? Need more clients? Need more traffic? We can help with that. If your a business and dont sell online, What are you waiting for?


Online Marketing

Need a strategy? Ready to conquer your competitors? We're ready when you are. From social media to search engines, we got you covered.

Us 2 Now Demo

US 2 NOW ● Memories you can share.

Wondering what to do with that wedding video and all those photos? Why keep them stored away when you can share them with your friends and family. We created a whimsical experience to help capture that magic of that day.

Hectik Rivero Demo

HECTIK RIVERO ● A kick-ass artist page.

This is Hectik Rivero's feature website for all the info you need on him and his music. Like all our projects, it's mobile friendly and features a clean but memorable experience. So sit back, turn up your speakers and enjoy.

Bumpstopper Demo

BUMPSTOPPER ● Sell online with ease.

We redesigned the Bumpstopper site and brought them to the modern age. We set them up with a E-commerce website that is intergrated to their social media so they can easily promote their products to their followers as well as find new ones.

Hectik Rivero Demo

ADRIAN RIVERO ● Personal Interactive Portfolio.

Adrian Rivero is owner and Creative Director at BitHouse Studio. His site displays a handful of creative designs, from web to logo and graphic design. A one page design that is direct and to the point as well as easy to load.

Bumpstopper Demo

NOW WERE HERE ● A Travel Blog with style.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. We think this is especially true when they are picture from your travels. This blog combines photography along with great video blogs on some of the most exotic places on this planet to provide not only beautiful images but great stories to follow.

Hectik Rivero Demo

VIP EXTENSIONS ● Hair Extensions Online Superstore

When it comes to all things hair extensions, VIP Extensions has you covered. In this project we created a friendly user experience to help get customers directly to what they want quick. The site also provide a chat option to get questions answered even quicker.

Bumpstopper Demo

KAPOW ONLINE ● Keeping you in the Comicbook world Loop

With the popularity of all things comics on the rise, it's becoming harder and harder to keep up with the ever expanding worlds of these books. Kapow is dedicated to letting you know what books matter and which are all hype.

Hectik Rivero Demo

HAIR & ACCESSORIES INC ● Hair Extension Distributor

H & A is one of the biggest independent manufacturer and distributors of Hair Extensions. Here you can get information on how to buy either wholesale or retail. Cutting the order process from weeks to days with a user friendly interface on both ends.


We really like what we do so we're always open to new projects. Send us a message and let's talk about yours.


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